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George Kavassilas


This is an authentic conversation amongst friends. George was sincerely present during a very challenging time with his mother not being well. We made the best of a not so great situation. This is not your typical interview. This is the most casual, laid back talk we have had, and the most endearing as well. :)  Enjoy!



About George:

My knowledge and wisdom, values and philosophy have helped thousands of people the world over to feel, be and to live in a more peaceful, centred, and empowered state in a natural way.


After a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary, I went through a long period of contemplation and reconciliation regarding their value and worth. Having since cultivated knowledge and wisdom from my experiences I came to realise my responsibilities and obligations to our Humanity, to our planet. As a result I now embody a limitless passion to share such knowledge and wisdom with our global community.


Along the way in my personal journey, and my journey back home into me, I have discovered that I am an Infinite Being. My company I Am Infinite Pty Ltd is an extension of my Being in this modern world. It’s how I embody my limitless passion to share my knowledge and wisdom with our global community.


The Challenge

In my endeavour to answer life’s primordial questions: “Who are we? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here?” the challenge has been to take the most complicated concepts of life, and present them in the most simplistic way so that anyone can understand. Some find my work challenging, yet for others, it is incredibly liberating.  On the path of the truth seeker false beliefs are torn down, but in their stead, the naked truth rises in its simple beauty. Accordingly, my work is presented in the clearest, most direct, raw and simplistic way.


It Is A Choice

The time has come for us to once again be free and sovereign.  But in order to be free, we must first come to terms with the fact that a control system exists. Only then can we break through the programs and beliefs that control us. My passion is one that is here to help free and liberate our Humanity from all forms of imposing dogma and doctrine, without exception.  My intention is one of sovereignty, autonomy and fortitude expressed from a foundation of knowledge, wisdom and love.


Ask Yourself

The question that you realistically now need to ask yourself is; “To what extent am I immersed into these programs and beliefs systems?”


It Is Simple

As challenging as this may sound, the reality is the truth simply resides inside each and every one of us, we all have it!  The veil is now lifting, so stay true to your sovereign spirit because the true, natural and organic knowledge of life is rising to the surface from deep within you.  Re-discover the simplicity of the pathway into your Heart and Soul where the true knowledge of life resides and in time you will remember everything!



I want to be Wild Grace!  Sounds like a paradox, but it is not.  It is a state of being; the power of Grace infused with the essence of Adventure. To be healthy and thriving, we all need to flow in resonant fields of creativity.  Flow into the natural unfoldment of self in resonance with the unfoldment of our Humanity and our Mother Planet.


Become Empowered

We need to become empowered in a natural way because we each have our own unique fundamental purpose in life; our “Great Works”.


In order to accomplish this we must walk with more authority in this world. Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not about the desire for power.  I don’t want authority because I want power. Our authority is an essential part of walking in this world as our Greater Being, our Soul expression. I embrace my authority because I am here to embody who I came to this world to be. To do the things I need to do, without getting kicked around, without being limited and restricted.  It is wisdom and love that allows you to step into your authority more completely.


You Too Are Infinite

I Am Infinite is an expression of my work that helps people to understand that the time of The Great Change is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago.  All who have chosen to be here on Earth at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few can currently comprehend.  It is the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and the birthing of her Humanity into fully integrated Beings of Light.


I Am Infinite helps you to remember how powerful you are, because it is time to once again be eternal and infinite. It is time to be infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite love.


We Are Infinite

My journey through this universe has often been a lonely one. While periods of quiet reflection and contemplation are necessary for us all at times, we don’t have to do this alone any more.


I’m always looking for new ways to share my knowledge and wisdom with our global community. I want to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence as something other than a control matrix. I intend to use AI as infrastructure that can help us support each other as we navigate the dying days of the old paradigms. This membership community is the best vehicle I can use right now to communicate with you about what’s really going on in our world.


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Aug Tellez

888 Lions Gate, Timelines, Interdimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Virtual Reality, Physical Reality, Extraction, LIberation, Mind, Heart, Knowing, Consciousness, Awareness, Free Will, Earth, Fear, Sovereignty, Creators, Love, Solar Eclipse, Solar Events, Zero Point, Ego.



We will be discussing MILAB experiences



Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Zero-Point Field Technology, Soul/Consciousness Transfer, Immortality, Trauma-Based Mind-Control, Genetic Engineering, DNA Activation, Time Travel, Psychology and Consciousness and The Unveiling.


Who Am I

“In 2010, I was “awakened” at an event involving hundreds of people that play various roles in this society, the secret society and the breakaway civilization. This also took place across times or planes of reality.


Many people are here to help perform this task, they are ex-operatives, researchers, healers, travelers, scientists, and so on.


I am here to assist in informing the public of “The Unveiling.”


~Aug Tellez



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Guest James Bartley Discussing Alien, Reptilian & Military Abductions.

  In Part 2, We will continue discussing the different types of abductions that humanity has been experiencing.

Part 2


Bio of James Bartley

The Reptilian Overlordship, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions


James Bartley has investigated Alien Abductions and particularly Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions (Milabs) for over twenty five years. James is a protégé of legendary Alien Abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic.  James is an Independent Historian with an emphasis on Intelligence/Counterintelligence and Special Operations.  He is a student of Military History (from antiquity to modern times) and has made an in-depth study of the military-industrial-financial-security complex which developed after World War 2. James hosted his own radio and internet webcast program based out of Tucson Arizona and interviewed a number of well known individuals in the UFO Field including Georgina Bruni and former MUFON International Director John Schuessler. James formerly worked in an Intelligence related activity for U.S. Naval Air Forces.


James currently has his own Podcast show called “The Cosmic Switchboard.” He has interviewed some of the top researchers in the field including Jorge Martin Miranda of Puerto Rico, Peter Moon of Montauk fame, Eve Lorgen, Freeman Fly and top Sasquatch researcher Mike Paterson to name just a few.


James has lectured at a number of locations including the legendary “UFO Friendship Campouts” at the Lil A’Le Inn in Rachel Nevada, adjacent to the infamous Groom Lake “Dreamland” complex. He gave a memorial speech and video presentation on behalf of his friend Dr. Karla Turner at a UFO Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1997.


James was also a featured speaker at one of the Roswell Conferences at Roswell New Mexico in early July 2007, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the famous Roswell Crash Retrievals. James has also lectured in San Diego California, Las Vegas Nevada, Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi, Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Central Coast of New South Wales.  James was a featured speaker at the first ever REPCON near Manchester England in May of 2016.  James has lived for many years in an area rife with UFO and Deep Black Military Activity: The Southwestern Desert of America and in particular Southern California. James personally investigated numerous reptilian abduction cases and military abduction cases in the High Desert of Southern California. The High Desert of Southern California is where the deep black aerospace industry is located as well as military installations which figure prominently in UFO and Milab research such as Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Weapons Center China Lake. He is familiar with much of the UFO-Military underground and undersea base activity in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Nevada.


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Bjørn Simonsen

(Heart to Heart)





I usually just dim the light in my living room and then I place a candle on the floor. As I stand next to it, I can see my shadow on the wall, when I move my hand, it moves its hand. When I jump, it jumps too.


When I approach the candle, she shadow gets bigger. The more I approach the candle, the more the shadow grows. When I stand just beside the candle, right in line with it, the shadow disappears.


If you turn around and look at the shadow while you are standing very close to the light, the shadow seems very big and powerful. The simple thing is just to move ahead towards the light, without being paralyzed by the shadow. Do not focus on the shadow. It is just getting bigger as you advance towards the light.


Implement this pattern into your daily life and you will navigate effortlessly towards Love, without being too distracted by the apparent reality and power of the ego. If you turn around and look at the shadow, then judgements, doubt and sorrow will seem to drown your focus. You normalize the shadow into your daily life if you focus upon it.


Turn around and face the light, while you continue your path towards it. Then you normalize light into your daily life, as you advance towards it. You are advancing into Yourself, As the Light you always were. Do not stop, do not turn around, simply advance towards Yourself.