Hello lovely beings! I Am so excited to be sharing my journey with you all and to begin connecting on an INNERStellar Cosmic level. It has been asked of me for a few years to start doing Internet Interviews, but I had a lot of personal work that I needed to do first. I really appreciate all that have supported and encouraged me.


The time is now! I Am going to be hosting Internet Interviews. I feel that many are ready to not just hear, but to be heard. I would also like to host Round Table Shows. This will allow anyone that wants to be present to get involved. You can share your story or whatever is on your heart. Sometimes it will be totally random and other times we will have a specific discussion. I Am not doing anything that is routine, because that does not fit with who I Am.


If you have a desire to share your experiences please contact me and let me know and we will schedule a time for a heart to heart conversation.


I am also offering Sessions where I will hold the space for those that resonate with my own personal traumas, and healing that I have experienced.  Please see my About Me and Sessions page. My gift is that of a Galactic Psychiatrist of The Heart. Contact me if you feel that we can work together.


I look forward to what we can Co-Create together! 2017 is great year to step into our Sovereignty and own who we are. We are in this together and we've got this!



With Love and Gratitude,



~Patricia Farrington

Cosmic Conversations


Cosmic Conversations

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