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June Lineup

Emma Stow

A conversation from the heart about empowerment.


Emma Stow is a writer, speaker, and energy healer.  In her talks and sessions she works with intuition to guide the natural process of healing and empowerment to support the next step in your life and to connect you to your true soul nature. This supports the changes that are taking place in your work, relationships, health and in the depths of your own heart.


healing ~ empowerment ~ intuition ~ wholeness ~ core spirituality~ life force ~ stars ~ wisdom ~ soul ~ love




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SIR Ronald Fellion DD

Author, we will be discussing programs running in the Matrix.


Ron worked as an energy healer using his Quantum Vibration Energy system, is a writer with a published book, “Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix,” as well many papers outlining the knowledge he has gained on his spiritual journey. He made some videos which he posted on his Facebook page and has given talks at several Metaphysical shows. The knowledge-knowing he shares comes from his experiences within the physical world including mental downloads of information and from experiences outside of his physical body. These experiences include his physical body disappearing for an extended time, observing and interacting with objects and beings which don’t belong to our normal physical world, traveling outside his body, and many synchronistic events which lead to profound experiences.  His goal in talking with others is to get them to think about what they believe, and question what have become accepted truths.


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Robyn Iacuone

Life Coach and we will be talking about being an empath


My wisdom comes from years of study, years of challenging life experiences and my connection to spirit.  I help my clients to embrace and understand what it is to be an Empath, discover what type of Empath they are and guide them to empower their gifts to find their path and purpose.


I’ve always known I was different, when I was young I struggled with this and tried to fit in. Now I am more than comfortable, I celebrate it.  People tell me that they feel safe with me which makes it easy for them to open up and share. I seem to have the ability to draw out that which needs to be healed.  The magic that I carry enables my clients to reach goals easily and my wisdom enables them to find their own answers.


I work with clients in two ways.  As a Life Coach, working Empath to Empath and strictly working as a Coach by helping them to set goals, how to achieve these goals and helping them to be accountable for making the changes needed to get there.  As an Empath Coach I teach Empaths the skills, exercises and tools necessary to making their lives so much easier.



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Ra Castaldo


Ra, is a hereditary Strega/Shaman, a songwriter, poet, mystic, dream seer, radio host, aura healer, oracle reader, coach and muay thai instructor.


His goal is to help awaken the dormant particles spiraling inside our DNA.   Mainstream science and medicine community has said that up to 97% of our DNA is rubbish, or “junk DNA”.  This is absolutely not the case !!!! The powers that be, the ones that control the media, what we consume and obey, what schools teach our children has purposely suppressed our consciousness.  Placing a veil over our pineal glands or third eye.


We can explore our consciousness, we are not trapped on this material plane, and can go beyond our five senses.  Laying dormant inside our DNA is our true abilities. Remember we are spiritual beings temporarily encased in physical matter, and we have the divine spark of our creation inside all of us, waiting to be activated.  Our goal ultimately on this planet is to S.E.E.  which means to Spiritually Eternally Evolve.  A spiritual evolution until we ascend to a higher vibration….Tune in each week to Spiral Radio on the Para x radio network Fridays 8pm est to hear Ra as he brings us down the mystical spiral of life.





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Greg Paul

Founding Trustee at New Earth Nation - Author


New Earth Nation is a fellowship of sovereign nations and micro-nations founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition.


It is an open invitation to every member of the human family to transition away from all systems and enclosures which limit our capacity for creative self-expression, and instead unite as an extraterritorial family of sovereign individuals who, with the support and solidarity of that family, are collectively empowered to consciously co-create a new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance.


Our discussion will be on Personal Sovereignty and The Divine Masculine