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SIR Ronald Fellion DD

Author, we will be discussing programs running in the Matrix.


Ron worked as an energy healer using his Quantum Vibration Energy system, is a writer with a published book, “Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix,” as well many papers outlining the knowledge he has gained on his spiritual journey. He made some videos which he posted on his Facebook page and has given talks at several Metaphysical shows. The knowledge-knowing he shares comes from his experiences within the physical world including mental downloads of information and from experiences outside of his physical body. These experiences include his physical body disappearing for an extended time, observing and interacting with objects and beings which don’t belong to our normal physical world, traveling outside his body, and many synchronistic events which lead to profound experiences.  His goal in talking with others is to get them to think about what they believe, and question what have become accepted truths.


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Gavin Beddow


Open Discussion with Main Guest Gavin Beddow





* Freewill * Determinism * Time/moments * premonitions * truth/experience * perspective/illusion

Possibly 'heart v mind' & intuition too






Jarrod Harrington


Having experienced his intuitive abilities since his earliest childhood memory, Jarrod has always been in touch with his Oversoul (Higher Self) and open to a vibrational realm often excluded from the experience of others in this life. With this awareness at a young age the journey has been difficult at times, but Jarrod has grown to appreciate this 3D experience. Through struggles and awakenings, he has found balance. The traditional classroom setting was never an atmosphere that appealed to him or ever proved any great success in his life. He was a learner of the Universe, and the ultimate day-dreamer, because he knew he had already felt and experienced truths so large they could never be condensed into a book or a room.


After graduating high school, Jarrod surrendered to a calling in the field of electricity. He was drawn to this field, although it would be more than a decade later before he realized how truly important this decision would be in helping align his life with his true purpose. Over the course of his 18 years in the electrical field, he spent his home hours tinkering with concepts involving electrical principals discovered and taught by phenomenal scientists, such as Nikola Tesla. Eventually, he started to realize the connection between his intuitive abilities and his electrical expertise. By the time he entered his 30s, he began consuming himself in research. He learned the key to true understanding was to find balance between your greatest inner knowing and allowing an open mind to give credibility to thoughts much of the world would quickly label as insanity. Some information resonated strongly with him while with other information, he would read, ingest, and confidently throw away from his path. The more he studied and the more he trusted himself, the more he was able to distinguish what his truth of his reality had become.


His life took him on a physical journey through Arizona, Illinois, Alaska, and Florida. All locations in his journey were important, but his year in Alaska proved to be a pivotal year changing his life forever. This year, although only a second of time in the spectrum of Universal reality, was when he made the decision to stop listening to what the world taught him to do. He heard his intuition, louder than ever before, and decided to begin a life making choices to allow true happiness in this experience. Now, 9 years after Alaska, Jarrod is living. He balances a life of determination to fulfil his true purpose, while being a father and step-father to 6 beautiful children!


On the “Learning Resources” page, we will post links to many of the books and authors who have been instrumental in Jarrod’s life experience and as we grow, we will blog to share his Universal Understandings. He is so excited to begin connecting with you: those who align with his beliefs, those who have more to teach him, and those who are seeking for their truth. His true passion is to share his Energy Devices with others because he knows they will bring harmony and well-being to others. This begins a journey of love.


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George Kavassilas


This is an authentic conversation amongst friends. George was sincerely present during a very challenging time with his mother not being well. We made the best of a not so great situation. This is not your typical interview. This is the most casual, laid back talk we have had, and the most endearing as well. :)  Enjoy!



About George:

My knowledge and wisdom, values and philosophy have helped thousands of people the world over to feel, be and to live in a more peaceful, centred, and empowered state in a natural way.


After a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary, I went through a long period of contemplation and reconciliation regarding their value and worth. Having since cultivated knowledge and wisdom from my experiences I came to realise my responsibilities and obligations to our Humanity, to our planet. As a result I now embody a limitless passion to share such knowledge and wisdom with our global community.


Along the way in my personal journey, and my journey back home into me, I have discovered that I am an Infinite Being. My company I Am Infinite Pty Ltd is an extension of my Being in this modern world. It’s how I embody my limitless passion to share my knowledge and wisdom with our global community.


The Challenge

In my endeavour to answer life’s primordial questions: “Who are we? Where do we come from? and What are we doing here?” the challenge has been to take the most complicated concepts of life, and present them in the most simplistic way so that anyone can understand. Some find my work challenging, yet for others, it is incredibly liberating.  On the path of the truth seeker false beliefs are torn down, but in their stead, the naked truth rises in its simple beauty. Accordingly, my work is presented in the clearest, most direct, raw and simplistic way.


It Is A Choice

The time has come for us to once again be free and sovereign.  But in order to be free, we must first come to terms with the fact that a control system exists. Only then can we break through the programs and beliefs that control us. My passion is one that is here to help free and liberate our Humanity from all forms of imposing dogma and doctrine, without exception.  My intention is one of sovereignty, autonomy and fortitude expressed from a foundation of knowledge, wisdom and love.


It Is A Choice

The time has come for us to once again be free and sovereign.  But in order to be free, we must first come to terms with the fact that a control system exists. Only then can we break through the programs and beliefs that control us. My passion is one that is here to help free and liberate our Humanity from all forms of imposing dogma and doctrine, without exception.  My intention is one of sovereignty, autonomy and fortitude expressed from a foundation of knowledge, wisdom and love.


Ask Yourself

The question that you realistically now need to ask yourself is; “To what extent am I immersed into these programs and beliefs systems?”


It Is Simple

As challenging as this may sound, the reality is the truth simply resides inside each and every one of us, we all have it!  The veil is now lifting, so stay true to your sovereign spirit because the true, natural and organic knowledge of life is rising to the surface from deep within you.  Re-discover the simplicity of the pathway into your Heart and Soul where the true knowledge of life resides and in time you will remember everything!



I want to be Wild Grace!  Sounds like a paradox, but it is not.  It is a state of being; the power of Grace infused with the essence of Adventure. To be healthy and thriving, we all need to flow in resonant fields of creativity.  Flow into the natural unfoldment of self in resonance with the unfoldment of our Humanity and our Mother Planet.


Become Empowered

We need to become empowered in a natural way because we each have our own unique fundamental purpose in life; our “Great Works”.


In order to accomplish this we must walk with more authority in this world. Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not about the desire for power.  I don’t want authority because I want power. Our authority is an essential part of walking in this world as our Greater Being, our Soul expression. I embrace my authority because I am here to embody who I came to this world to be. To do the things I need to do, without getting kicked around, without being limited and restricted.  It is wisdom and love that allows you to step into your authority more completely.


You Too Are Infinite

I Am Infinite is an expression of my work that helps people to understand that the time of The Great Change is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago.  All who have chosen to be here on Earth at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few can currently comprehend.  It is the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and the birthing of her Humanity into fully integrated Beings of Light.


I Am Infinite helps you to remember how powerful you are, because it is time to once again be eternal and infinite. It is time to be infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite love.


We Are Infinite

My journey through this universe has often been a lonely one. While periods of quiet reflection and contemplation are necessary for us all at times, we don’t have to do this alone any more.


I’m always looking for new ways to share my knowledge and wisdom with our global community. I want to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence as something other than a control matrix. I intend to use AI as infrastructure that can help us support each other as we navigate the dying days of the old paradigms. This membership community is the best vehicle I can use right now to communicate with you about what’s really going on in our world.


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Laura Magdalene Eisenhower


Laura Magdalene, extraterrestrials and the Eisenhower legacy


Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, who has resided and traveled independently in over 20 cities in the U.S. and abroad, has developed a wide knowledge base in frontier health, natural systems, alchemy, metaphysics and ancient history, and also has degrees and certifications in science, wilderness expedition leadership, natural healing and building.


She is a mythic cosmologist, global strategist, clairvoyant healer, Earth advocate, and artist.


In introducing her Mars colony revelations at, Ms. Eisenhower writes,

“My great-grandfather President Ike, who was also the Army general who led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler, battled evil corrupt powers on Earth and took on some of the most challenging scenarios in history. As I grew up, I could sense that I was completing this battle that has ancient roots. When Hitler died and the Nazis lost power- the entities including those that were ET/Extraterrestrial did not.


They continued to find hosts and create agreements with people who were a part of the races of the patriarch and Global Elite - who want to run things through fear tactics, control and the suppression of Sophia or the essence of the Divine Feminine.”


Ms. Eisenhower’s account of her targeting by time travel surveillance and attempted manipulation by trained intelligence agents attached to a Mars colony project were revealed in an interview, and in an extensive written statement at Ms. Eisenhower’s website.


Ki’ Lia, a Stanford-educated artist, futurist and colleague of Ms. Eisenhower, has provided a corroborating first hand witness account of her and Ms. Eisenhower’s attempted recruitment into a secret human survival colony on Mars.


The alleged purpose of the secret Mars colony was to provide a survival civilization for the human race on Earth in the event of a planned (such as HAARP or bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm (such as by solar flares) that might depopulate the Earth.


In revealing these secret Mars colony plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia have emerged to join a growing cadre of independent whistle blowers disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and corporate entities.


The revelations of Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia corroborate independent whistle blower revelations made by lawyer Andrew D. Basiago of covert U.S. government surveillance of political persons of interest using secret time travel technology.


Their allegations are also consistent with disclosures made by Mr. Basiago that twice in 1981 he teleported from a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA to a secret U.S. base on Mars, first by himself, and then a second time in the company of CIA agent Courtney M. Hunt.


by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

February 10, 2010