I am offering sessions for those that connect with my life experiences. We all have our own unique talents in what we offer to others. I have come to know that I have an energetic healing quality in communication, and of holding space for others, and have been asked for years to hold sessions; I had not come to a place of trusting myself and feeling worthy enough to do so in the past. I had to experience my own healing, before I could with integrity accept this invitation. The year of 2017 ignited a fire within me and I felt it coming in 2016 as I began embodying myself wholeheartedly. I experienced a huge energetic shift that permeated through my body and I have felt my cellular structure transforming. I experienced my Greater Being in a fully conscious state of awareness and came to know the Infinite Creator that I Am.


I have chosen not to engage in a job or career that no longer serves a fulfilling purpose in my life. I must live from integrity and in service to others. I Am here to hold the space for all who resonate, and as my about me page says, I Am ready to answer the call. I do so humbly and graciously.  If you need to face your shadow self, re-connect with your inner child and live in a state of self-love again, I am here. We will do this together.


I have experience working with youth and women, but on a Matrix level. I worked with, and counseled troubled teens through Youth Ministries, and worked with women that were living with the trauma of having experienced abortions. I helped them through times of grief, but I didn’t have the awareness that I do today, that could have set them free, and not just helped them live for another day. Today, I can share from my own inner work and healing. I won’t be sharing via a trained script that is agenda based.  I can look back on that time and be grateful for the knowledge that I received. It taught me what does not heal and to keep going deeper.


My path is to be present with those that feel a connection to my story, and my energetic expression. I am here holding space for you to journey into your own healing.  There are so many claiming to be healers and creating a need for their services through disempowerment. Ritualistic practices are being sold, and they allow one to feel good in the moment, but there is no sustenance to it. This just causes one to fall back into darkness and despair. Issues of self-worth arise again, and cause one to question what is wrong with me? Am I not spiritual enough?


My own personal experience of healing has not been one of chasing “Guru’s”, in hopes to find that one healer that could fix me. It came through me aligning myself energetically with those that could see me, and feel me. To hold the space for me to acknowledge my journey with all of the experiences that were painful, whether it was pain that was inflicted upon me or pain that I caused someone else. We will feel into great depth these experiences and transform them into a loving space of gratitude. This takes us on a journey of a conscious reunion with our true heart centered essence. This creates the space to lovingly embrace all experiences without judgment. We are remembering that we are and always have been Divine Infinite Beings. We release all of the false beliefs about ourselves, and allow our life to move with inflowment. With unconditional love for ourselves we return to a harmonious state of wholeness.


We do not need to be fixed as we are and have always been Infinite Beings. What we want sometimes is a person that offers a safe place to let us feel again and reconnect with our inner child. We came to experience all that is in this brilliantly Co-Created wild ride of duality, and along the way there are a few things we have forgotten; the most important being to Remember Who We Are. I Am here holding space to Just BE with you in this process, and through resonance accept your invitation if invited.


If you choose to invite me into your sacred space to share in this transformative healing, please enter all of your contact information on the Contact Page, and I will respond to you as soon as possible to set a schedule for our one on one session. Sessions will be held via Zoom.


Specific Areas of Focus Based On My Own Experiences in Healing:

Healing the trauma of our inner child caused from sexual abuse.

Sexual Addiction.


Abuse experienced by our parents, causing feelings of abandonment, low-self-worth, and self-sabotage.

Healing from the pain we have caused others by facing our Shadow Being.


The Process of Integration and Reconciliation through the Closure Process.







We Will Stand Confident In Our Sovereignty By Accessing Our Own Infinite Greater Being’s Guardian Light For Protection.

We will work together, to restore balance in your life, by consciously bringing your vibrational frequency back into alignment. What this means is that we will share in healing verbal communication. My intention is healing communication in service to Hu-manity and evolution. My passion is to support you in your process by holding space, through your own process of transformation, which always comes from within. These sessions are for the purpose of renewing your empowerment and returning to self-love.


This is something that I Am passionate about and is very much one of the reasons I have incarnated in this lifetime.

This is a journey of taking accountability and ownership of your incarnations into this Universe. We are not victims. We Are Creator Beings!



Sessions are recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording for yourself. You will own the only copy.

One Hour $25.00

Two Hours $50.00


 With Love and Gratitude,




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